Looking Forward to season

Pitching in my last game
Pitching in my last game

It’s almost time for baseball season it is right around the corner. It is currently February 2, 2016 Season is exactly one month. All the preparation is starting to come together and the hard work over the off season is starting to pay off. I am currently playing for Santa Barbara High Schools Jv team as a Sophomore and as a team we are looking pretty good. We have a very fundamental sound team. Though we might be good we have to go into this season really confident if not we will be nothing. Baseball is such a mental sport and if you have no confidence you are a just waiting for disaster. That’s why reputation is so key to be good at this sport. At the moment I currently think we are the team to beat in the Chanel League if we play the game we know how to play a thing if so will be golden this year. As a team we work great together well so I think that factor will work extremely well to your advantage.

Working on my on the little things
Working on the little things
Working on My approach
Working on My approach

Currently I am pumped for season I can’t wait to play some games with actually meaning because as a individual I think I preform better with games that have a purpose and against teams that tend to be better than us. As a player you are just so anxious to begin I can’t express it enough.This what are hole team has been waiting for know it’s all about preparation and it’s in our hands to do what we need to do and that’s win. Some key improvements we had this year to our team is really focusing knowing what to do before it happens for example thinking about what you are going to do with the ball if it is hit to you. Whether it is knowing what cut off to hit or knowing what to do with the baseball on a bunt. Another huge improvement we did over this off season is to have a approach when coming up to the plate and jumping on fastballs early in the count especially with runners in scoring position. I think with these improvements to are team it will get us over the hump from being a good team to a great team. Comment your opinions if you are looking forward to your baseball season.


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