Friday Batting practice

Eddie Mathews Field
The Traphouse

Last Friday was a day of work at the ball field. At Eddie Mathews on Friday we had a collage style BP session. Our Coach split us up into 6 groups , 2 groups are shagging, 2 groups are in the batting cage, 1 group is base running, and 1 is hitting on the field. Personally I was in group 4 so I started in the field I thought it was really helpful for me as a infielder because It made my reactions to a ground ball better off the bat. After shagging for the first 2 rounds we went into the batting cages to get ready for on field batting practice. To add on to that, when we got to the on field batting practice we focused on all key point of hitting. In the first round of hitting on the field we put down 2 sac bunts, after that we had to execute 3 hit and runs, and in the last part of the first round we had to move the runner over from second.DSC_0064 After the first round we moved to start off with 1 drag bunt, 1 push bunt, and after we completed that task we went to our score them approach(If you want more description about that approach check out my previous post). In addition to that round our 3rd round was a round full of opportunities to score runners. The first section on our 3rd round started with a squeeze bunt then it ended with 5 score thems from 69th base. Then for our last round we got 7 pitches to go gap to gap. After hitting out on the field I felt pretty confident because I was hitting the ball well in my opinion. Though after that experience my group went to base running working on some of the little things like reacting to the baseball on the ground or in the air. These drills are really important because if you make the wrong read on the bases it can really kill a rally witch as a player you don’t want to happen. All in all I thought this was a great opportunity for our team to really improve our skills as a team. Please like and comment what your batting practice session are like.

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