Saturday’s Game

Getting ready for my at bat
Getting ready for my at bat

This Past weekend my Jv baseball ream had a local match up against the Oxnard Yellow Jackets. The Game was a home game here in Santa Barbara at the High school. In my opinion the game was a success in my opinion we won 12-3. I Personally thought it was a exciting game since it was a new experience for me and the team since it was the first game with are new coach, Coach Joey. It was very interesting how he set up the line up for the first time but it all worked out okay. Personally I went 1 for 4 with a single and a one RBI (Runs batted in). I honestly think I am could have done better I got some pitches to hit and I missed them and I was very disappointed in myself. Though I was very impressed in my fellow Teammate Logan Foy Because he hasn’t been playing baseball for 7 months and he came out in his first game and went 2 for 3 with 2 singles and 2 RBIs. I was really happy for him to be back on the team and contributing right away. Though the game was a blow out I think as a team we preformed great we did have a little to many pop ups but overall we did well . Pitching was strong for the most part I had a little hiccup on my part. We hard a stellar pitching performance from Charlie Cuykendall he pitched 4 shut out innings and I sadly followed up with 3 innings my self but I made a little to many mistakes over the middle of the plate and gave up 3 runs in 3 innings.

Picture of Logan Foy heading out to the field
Picture of Logan Foy heading out to the field

Though that was completely fine because are offence erupted for a staggering 12 runs over the courses of the game witch left me a nice cushion. Though I was a little Bit mad at myself because of my performance but all I can do is just take is a learning lesson and figure a way to improve on what I might have done wrong. On another note at the end of the day I am happy because we found a way to win and it was a great team effort. We will be back at it again this Saturday against Regetti! Comment below if interest and help support by hitting that like button.

The official JV team
The official JV team

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