Weekended with out a Game

the portIMG_1876This week the baseball gods didn’t want us to play. The rain shut down are game witch was a bummer. Though it brought new opportunities with the game cancelled Me and my friend decided to go down to the Honda Center in LA and support are High school basketball in the CIF division 2a Championship. The game was extremely exciting  it when back and forth but are Dons came out with the win. It was a great win for the school it was the first CIF championship in 40 years. Though the game had some iffy calls it was good we got the win. It got really close in the 4th quarter when it was a one point game but the Dons stepped up and got the win. Though my weekend didn’t just consist of the basketball game. I went to New Port with my friend and stay at his Aunts house witch was very exciting. While we were staying in New port we went go cart racing at K1 speed.k1 Needless to say I was the fastest in my group witch gave me some confidence. I had a really good time and it was a fun experience. After that we went to the house to get ready for a birthday part witch we skipped to go see a movie witch was nice. We had the chance to go see London has Fallen at the port theater in New Port. It was fantastic there was full on recliner seats and they even brought us are pizza we ordered, needless to say it was a great time. After falling asleep around 1am, we woke up at whet for a quick donut run and relaxed for the time being. Soon after by 3 o’clock we were back on the road to SB and was home by 6 o’clock due to some traffic. Though our baseball game was cancelled we have a make up game on Wednesday and we also have a game against Santa Yenez on Friday in addition to a double header on Saturday against San Louis. It will be definitely a fun day at the ball field i will be sure to keep you guys updated on those games next post. See you guys next week! please like and comment to show support and remember GO DONS!


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