Double Header

offensive approach
Offensive approach

This weekend we had a double header against San Luis Obispo at home at Eddie Mathews Field. It was a very long day at the baseball field, and I was there from 11:45 AM to 5:20 PM. Needless to say it was a fun day, but a long one for sure. The overall day was great because we won both games. The first game had a rocky start to it in that we had a poor in and out, so it didn’t start well. The first inning didn’t start the way we wanted as San Luis put up 2 runs in the first inning. Though the next inning we fought back to tie in up two a piece. The next inning we were held quite, but by the 4th inning we were in another hole and we were down 4-2, though time and time again we fought back and tied it 4-4. In addition, by the 6th inning we were on the verge of taking the game. It was 6-4 and we were about to put the game out of reach, and with runner on second and third I came up and hit a two run double over the right fielder’s head. By the end of the inning we put up two more runs, making the score 10-4 going into the last inning. With a clean inning by Michael Moschitto that wrapped up are game.

Are defensive do it's best
Our defensive do it’s best

At the end of the game I went 2-3 with 3 RBIs. I was pleased with my performance. On the pitching side in the first game, Charlie Cuykendall went 3 innings and gave up 4 runs in a solid performance, while Michael Moschitto went a stellar 4 innings of shutout ball, which was key to our win. After the first game we worked our way into our second game, and in the first San Luis put up one run but that didn’t faze us at all, and when we came back that next inning in a bang and put up 7 runs in the first inning.

Mike on the Mound
Mike on the Mound

After that we basically went on cruise control, and by the 3rd inning it was 10-1 and as a player I knew we had this game wrapped up. So with the blow out in check, we went station to station on the bases, which practically means we weren’t stealing and we were not advancing on passed balls. So then coach put in subs and got some new pitcher some work that usually didn’t pitch. So at the end of the day the score was 10-3 after a couple of runs by the opponent. It was the 7th inning and wrapped up by Jeremy Knight and the long day at the ball field was over. Make sure to tune in to next weeks blog because it will be against cross town rival Dos Pueblos high school. Though when in doubt go DONS!


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