Big Time Loss

DSC_0085DSC_0033On Friday we had our first league game against one of our rivals Dos Pueblos High School. Before the beginning of the game we were very excited and hyped for the game to start. Though when that first pitch was thrown by our starting pitcher Charlie Cuykendall something wasn’t exactly right. Though the first inning was slow we only gave up one run, but the the problem for us is we did not respond and saw are first 3 hitters including me go down in order. There was a huge problem with the tempo of our players its almost like we came out flat and not ready to play. As the second inning came around DP put a serious dent in our hope on winning this game and I saw them put up 9 runs by the second inning. It simply put are team in disbelief and like the previous inning no got on and no one got a hit. After that inning DP tacked on 3 more runs in the third and another 2 in by the 6th inning. As a team we very shocked we got are butts handed to us by DP. Their pitching was stellar their bats were on fire, and the real bummer is every thing was going wrong for us. We gave up large amounts of runs on the pitching side, the out field was dropping fly balls and on the hitting side we were ice cold. DSC_0015It was indeed a sad loss as the final score was 14-2 and we barely scraped for 2 runs in the second to last inning. As an individual I didn’t do that well I went 1-3 with a really bad hit and didn’t do really anything important. As a team not one of us had a good game. Personally I was so mad that we lost after the game it really sucked to end my Friday off with a loss especially to DP. This game really meant a lot to me and my team and I assure you that we will bounce back and defeat DP. It will be my honor to tell you guys about that game hopefully it comes sooner rather than later. Remember to check in to next weeks blog about pitches. Remember Go DONS and I will talk to you guys later.


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