Spring Break

image1Over my spring break I took a trip to Park City Utah. The trip was mainly focused on having a fun time skiing. For the most park we skied at Deer valley. We stayed in are house in Park City witch is really nice to have a place like that just to go and relax and ski. As we were in Utah there was a storm a couple days before we arrived so the snow was great. I mainly skied in the skies were the snow was untouched for the most part so the snow was not totally skied out. So it was a blast to go ski in the trees. Though it can be a little sketchy which saw me crash many times in the free which wasn’t so fun. I skied three days of the week and had a blast each one. We arrived Tuesday night and left Saturday night. It was overall a great trip we had a pleasant to see my god mother in Utah and I had a great time having the chance to ski with her and her kids.image2My patients though was tested with skiing with my god mother’s kinds because there where 9 and 11 years old and beginner skiers and I constantly had to stop and wait for them and I had to go much slower on the slopes. Though I still had a great time being around them and skiing with them.One really big that made my spring break was going to a Utah Jazz game. It was a great game to watch because it was back and forth and it was against the best team in the NBA the Golden State Warriors. The game had almost a playoff feel it was high energy because the Warriors are chasing the record to have the best NBA regular season record.  The Warriors current record is 69-8 and they are chasing the 1996 Chicago Bull record of 72-10. Though overall I had a great time I was around the people I love and I had a blast I really wish I could go to Utah more often.It’s a great place to go and have a good time and I highly recommend going because I had a blast.image3


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