A Rebound

DSC_0178On Tuesday April 12 we had another march up against DP. We knew it was going to be a battle from the start and the gamer was at their park. Though are team was prepared this time. Also as it terns about we where facing the same pitcher as last time and this time we jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first inning. As a team we had the momentum on are beside and we where trying to get in there heads and berry them in this next inning with a another crooked number though that didn’t happen we did strike for 1 more making it 4-0. Though by the third inning DP struck back for two making it 4-2. Though it did bring them back in the game though we didn’t let up on the offensive end amounting 9 runs by the 6th inning. On the pitching standpoint we had an outstanding performance from Aaron Ratliff we was outstanding. He through 6 inning and only gave up 2 runs witch was amazing.DSC_0185I was so happy to seeing do well, and it was even greater seeing him hit a stand up triple. That brings me to the offensive end we where outstanding we hit the snot out of the ball exploding for 9 runs almost everyone had a hit. It was great coming into the last inning but that’s when cookie crimped DP found a way to rally and to explode for 7 runs in the last inning to tie the game. As a player I was extremely disappointed that we ended with a tie. It also got even more fired up that the umpire called the game and didn’t let us go into extra innings. I don’t blame the loss on any one DP just showed a lot of fight at the end rallying for 7. Which really hurt like going into the last inning up by 7 runs and it all going away by us not being able to get 3 outs to win. It was a hard one to swallow but I thing we will find a way to bounce back and win the next game on Friday. Hope to see you guys next week go DONS!max


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