Types of Pitches

This week we change are focus on types of pitches rather than how my have been going. As a pitcher I throw a 4 seam Fastball, a 2 seam fastball,change up, and a curve ball. As a pitcher you goal every pitch for a strike.

4 seam Fastball: For most pitchers there fastball is there go to pitch as a pitcher just because they have been throwing one all there life.The fastball is the most important pitch in baseball. Your ability to throw it hard and with control will determine your ability to advance to the highest levels of the game. So it is extremely import to through it for strikes.To throw a four seam fastball, you want to make sure your grip is soft, like holding an egg in your fingertips. There should be a “gap” or space between the ball and your palm.The thumb almost bisects the index and middle finger with the horseshoe seam into your ring finger. You want to throw so that the four seams rotate perfectly backward when it leaves your hand so it gets a really nice spin so the ball can go as fast as possible.

4 seam Fastball
4 seam Fastball

2 seam Fastball: This pitch is a pitch where you typically want to through it ahead in the count due to the movement of it and how it can have a sinking action. So you can maybe freeze the hitter or get him to chase.When throwing a two seam fastball , the index and middle fingers are placed directly on the narrow seams, not across them. With this grip u might get a telling action or a sinking action on the ball.IMG_2042

Change up: This pitches main job is to simple fool the hitter. Due to the grip it will substantially  slow down the ball and the hitter will think fastball due to the hand motion but it will be a change up and throw off there timing. In order to through this pitch you need to hold the ball deep in the hand, with equal pressure on all fingers. Keep your wrist stiff and throw it straight down. Throw it just like a fastball, with the same arm speed and release point.With this you it should throw of the hitter.IMG_2040

Curve Ball: The cure ball is the go to pitch for most pitches to get a strike out it fouls hitters with the deception of the movement on the pitch. As you throw this pitch you want to aim for the hitters right shoulder so the movement of the ball will come down at a angle and nip the inside corner.To throw a curve ball, your grip is important. Usually you’ll want to place your middle finger on the inside a seam and the other finger right next to that. When throwing you want a very light grip and when throwing it you’re pulling down the front of the ball, trying to increase the rate of rotation, which is usually 13 revolutions from the time it leaves your hand until it gets home. You want to throw it like you are throwing a tomahawk so you get that downward spin.

Curve ball



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