Are last game was a home game against the Ventura Cougars. It was a game, as a team we defined needed to rebound on after a tough loss to DP last week. As a team we had a great game we jumped out to a huge lead in the second inning making it 4-0 at the time. We had a tough time in the first inning hitting there starting pitcher due to how slow he was throwing so it was really had to make the adjustment. DSC_0258Though we learned are lesson and tacked on 4 in the second and ended up having 9 runs by the end of the game. On the defensive end are team was solid job on the pitching department. We had Aaron Ratlift go Cg(complete game)  and he only gave up 2 runs which was outstanding it was great way to rebound after a really had week as a player losing to DP twice. So as a team I feel like we have are confidence back heading into are bye week.DSC_0260  Though a think in this game everyone contributed to this win and I was really happy to see that happen because as a team we have been struggling to put all the pieces to the puzzle together. So as a team we just have to work hard a get ready for Buena next week. I will make sure to keep you guys updated on next week I really think we can pull off 2 wins off Buena and start really feeling good about league. We just have to stick to the game plan and that’s to score early, have solid defense, and to pound the zone on the pitcher part.  Though we had a great win we have to fine more of these we really need all these wins down the stretch. I really think we can do it and I will see you guys next week. Remember go Dons and if you want to learn more about me Follow my Blog Instagram page please show your support, and I will see you next time have a good day!DSC_0253



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