Brutal Umpire

image3-1What can I say this game we played against Santa Ynez was one of the wildest games I have ever played as a baseball player. It was not the greatest game played by are team in a very sloppy game we just are having lots of struggles at the plate. Though the end score of our game was 6-3 it due some pitching mistakes on my half and I feel very disappointed to blow another game but it wasn’t helped by may be the worst umpire I have very seen. He made some of the worst calls I have ever seen in my life. He made the inside corner about a foot long and could call the same strike zone BOTH WAYS. Though the worst part was that it was a 3-3 game and I was pitching and there was a ground ball to second base and are second baseball man Zach Jensen throws it to are 1st baseman and as we were walking off the field because that was the third out. Then the umpire as half are team is in the dugout the umpire decides to call the runner safe at first just because we ran off the field before he made the call. Which makes no sense he had no reasoning to do what he did and call him safe it has utter stupidity it just doesn’t make any sense. Also if the runner was safe he was already in the dugout so the runner would be out of the base line making him out it just has no logically reason to make that call. At the time everyone on are team is furious and are coach is extremely mad and is just letting the umpire have and is eventually thrown out of the game. So now after we get out of the inning with the score 5-3 and we have no coach and he basically have no one to tell us what to do. So as hitters we were fired up because we all knew that that empire just screwed us over. Though sadly we could not rally back and they found a way to get one more run and we couldn’t come back and it was just a brutal loss.image1-2




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