Last Game of the Year

DSC_0173Are last game of the year was against cross down rival the San Marcos Royals at there park. This was a huge game for are team it was are chance to go 5-5 in league and you just always want to end the year on a win. You just want to leave with on a positive note. When this game started I was confident that we had a good chance of winning because we had one of are better pitchers on the mound Charlie Cuykendall. In the first inning are we went down in order. Though we did strike for one in the in the 2nd due to and ground ball driving in the runner at third. It only took us 2 more innings for us to strike for 2 more runs after a RBI single by me to score my fellow infielder Michael Moschitto. While all this was going on Charlie was pitching strong and only allowing one run over five innings buy know.DSC_0182 Though are offense came to a explosion in the last inning making the score 7-1 by the end of that inning with a big home run by Aaron Ratlift witch was huge he has been raking all year for us and it was super cool to see him leave the yard. He was a huge part in are success as a team mashing the baseball and pitching outstanding. By the end of the game the final score was 7-1 with charlie going all 7 innings and not giving any unearned runs. It was a great performance for us as a team and it was great way to end the year with a win.It was also fun making the last play to end the season on a slow roller to end it. I can’t wait to be back next year its going to be a blast. I have enjoyed telling you guys all about my games in the near future you will see mostly baseball related things but it might tell you guys for about what I like to do on my free time. See you guys next time and rember go DONS!DSC_0185 (1)


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